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Please include as much information when making a booking to make screening and setting up the appointment much quicker for all parties involved.

Please: NO App Numbers, unless we have a prior history and I know who you are!

Prebookings are preferred and much appreciated, but I understand that at times, this may NOT be suited to your immediate needs. For those seeking same day or last minute bookings, please call or text me at 902.877.8653 and I will try my very best to accommodate you.

For faster responses, please text, as my schedule may vary, or I could be entertaining, and therefore can NOT answer at times immediately. For those of you trying to get through, and can't, PLEASE ENSURE YOUR NUMBER IS NOT BLOCKED! I DO NOT answer BLOCKED CALLS nor will I respond to app numbers, unless I know you already and have been verified.

For all advanced pre-booking inquiries please contact me via the above mentioned way, or pre-book using the form to the left. If you are calling before I available, please leave  a message with your name and call back number. Please allow up to 1 to 2 days for a response through email. For quicker responses, please text.

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