Gifts or tips are not required, but greatly appreciated! I don't expect gifts, my donations are enough to give you my full attention. If you're here because you'd like to bring me a gift anyway; I thank you from the bottom of my heart! It will always be appreciated and never forgotten.

So if you truly enjoy giving gifts and spoiling and pamerping me like a princess, then I truly will enjoy receiving your gift. But, gifts should come from the heart with no strings attached. Don't worry if you so choose that route, your gift will not go unappreciated or forgotten. I know how to appreciate your generosity and will acknowledge your kindness.

I am overwhelmed by your kindness, so here is my much asked about wishlist. Below are some shopping suggestions. Some are on the low end of the scale and others on the higher end....


Gift Cards: I do love to shop, and these allow an easier convienence for you!

  • Victoria's Secret | La Senza
  • Le Château | Garage | Eclipse
  • Sephora | Chatters | MAC
  • Best Buy | Walmart
  • Gas Station Gift Card
  • Pre-Paid Visa/Mastercard (Easier Choice)